Becoming vegan…

IMG_4935Sometimes when people hear the word vegan, they take a sharp left and veer the other way. To be honest, a couple of months ago the same red flags would fly for me if the idea of veganism was brought up. I have been a vegetarian for 10 years, converting in junior high school, however, veganism seemed extreme and out of reach; especially when living in a cold, rugged climate. However, a wonderful and persistent friend showed me the reality of the diet and the sad effects consuming animal products has on the environment and other beings. I was hooked. I switched to a vegan diet on June 15, 2015 and I have not missed cheese like I originally suspected. To be honest, it is hard to describe how much better I felt after switching to a vegan diet. Not only was I on a high from feeling proud of my dietary choices and how they were better for other animals, I also felt lighter and cleaner.

Switching to veganism had nothing to do with weight loss. For me, it is all about the environment and having respect for other animals. I have always been a fairly compact individual and basically eat whatever I choose to eat; I just do so within reason. When I switched to veganism I actually downloaded a great app (called Cronometer) to keep track of my caloric intact and nutrients to ensure I was getting enough of each.I was once again excited about food and felt as if I had taken on a new hobby.

Since I made this change, I have been looking for resources to help my transition. I quit cold turkey, which was easier than I expected, but I am still learning to balance nutrients and find replacements for certain products. (Vegenaise became my best friends for a while. Not the healthiest, but I don’t mind a bit of extra fat in my diet). Basically, I want this site to act as a resource for others who want to have a plant-based diet without all the frills. I learned, and I am still learning, that it is possible to be a vegan in a boreal climate. As a new graduate, I am still on a budget, but I am always excited to find great, nutritious recipes that include ingredients that can be found at your local grocery store. I am hoping to share recipe reviews, general information about veganism that I learn through my continuing research, and hopefully connect with some other earth-lovers along the way!




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