New Life Adventure!

After spending a fantastic year in teaching in rural Newfoundland, I have decided to take a chance and head out on a new adventure! I was applying and interviewing for various positions across the country and ended up accepted a job in British Columbia! It will be quite the move but I am over joyed to have been awarded such an opportunity.

Isle aux Morts, NL
Isle aux Morts, NL

It was interesting how quickly I made the decision. I interviewed on a Sunday and then by the Wednesday I decided to take the job (very similar to my previous job…I’m noticing a trend here). With such a huge move on the horizon, I had a few moments of “What am I doing with my life?!”, however, those feelings subsided when I began to think of the wonderful opportunities and potential lifestyle changes I have in store. Better climate, food options, work hours, and play hours are what awaits me in BC!

Considering my life has taken quite the turn and I’ll be on a completely new coast, this blog may take a bit of a shift. I’m going to play it by ear.



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