And we’re off…

(Composed: August 2nd, 2016)

In the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, I will begin my cross-country journey to British Columbia. I’m currently trying to process all the feelings that go along with a move like this one.

I find myself feeling excited, but also nostalgic and apprehensive. I have never lived anywhere but this beautiful island and it was always a place where I felt safe. Fears and desires have brought me to this point, and now that it’s finally here, I’m trying to let gratitude and anticipation take the reins.

For the longest time, I believed I would stay and teach in my home province. I had ye ole NL plan to work my way in to the teaching district, build up seniority and eventually land one of those coveted permanent contracts. I got off to a lucky start, being offered a full year replacement at a sort-of-kind-of rural (but pretty populated for NL) school. I was on the right path, a step ahead really, however, I still wasn’t satisfied with the lifestyle I was living. I loved my job and the people, but the community had little to offer in terms of extracurricular and I was longing for the dance or yoga classes I’d once been apart of.

All of this in mind, paired with a surprising breakup in December, lead me to seek an employment adventure. I realized I wanted a healthier work/life balance and my new job will hopefully offer that to me. I also concluded that now is the time to make a big move because I have no dependents and I can always come home if I need to.

It’s weird to think about setting up a whole new life in a new place, especially since I have always been so proud of my beautiful home. Unfortunately, it’s proven to lack the opportunities I desire. I also felt I could never truly settle here until I have at least lived outside the province because there’s whole other people and places to see and fall for. So here’s to the “who knows”, “what ifs” , and amazing adventures to come!

Can’t wait to meet you Salmon Arm!


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