I’ll be home with bells on…

This experience may be synonymous with any homecoming, however, travelling home to the west coast of Newfoundland for the holidays brings with it a few distinctive qualities.

1) You know you have arrived at the correct gate in Toronto because you can hear the accent from a mile away, you probably recognize at least 3-6 people and or families at the gate and there’s at least 2 people wearing some sort of camouflage get-up.

2) You will immediately become best buds with the person in the seat next to you. You more than likely have some common connection, be it work, family, school, friends or hometown.

3)  It already starts to feel like you’re home. Maybe it’s the friendly atmosphere, maybe it’s a cultural thing. Either way, it feels amazing.img_5432

4) When you arrive in Deer Lake, your parents have just finished having a great conversation with “So and so’s” parents and they’re all so excited to have their kids home for Christmas.

5) After greetings are covered and luggage collected (or not), you’re sitting in the car and your parents say, “We always seem to run into someone we know in Deer Lake, so nice to catch up with them”*

6) Okay. The drive through the Humber Valley is majestic, absolutely majestic. When you drive it weekly it doesn’t lose its magic, it just becomes an amazing part of your daily life. However, when you’ve been away for 3-6-12 months, you just bask in the majesty of the mountains, shed some tears, and feel so thankful to be home.

Familiar roads and turns.Major revertigo. All the people from high school. Going to Coleman’s and running into everyone you know. Happy Holidays, Newfoundland! You continue to warm my soul.**

*Sometimes you run into that one person who just won’t shut up, however, it’s Christmas and we love all beings, so we just role with it and embrace them.

**BC is way warmer in the winter, so although my feet are freezing, at least my soul is warm at home.

Merry Christmas,



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